october 2015

Salesmanship is the Key to Closing More Deals

March 2016

To Have and to Hold, Or Maybe Not...


There's a Buyer For Every Deal

July 2018

Coming Soon!

November 2018

Flip, Flop Tenant Swap

April 2018

When You Lose Control

August 2016

It is Your Financial Duty to Minimize Your Tax Burden

February 2016

Making Money With Social Media

March 2018

Watch Out, You Might Get What You're After

May 2018

When the Mackerel Tries to Outsmart the Shark


Be The High Bidder So It Doesn't Get Away

JUNE 2016

My Simple Wealth Building Plan and Great Source of Private Funds


Clear the Mind to Get More Deals

June 2017

Working Old Leads


It's Not Your Story To Tell

February 2017

Cleaning House

March 2017

A Repeat Customer Leads to Another Rental

august 2015

Sometimes No Action is the Best Action

July 2015

What to Do When Your Regular Wholesale Buyer Says "No Thanks!"

september 2015

Time To Change Gears

June 2015

The Market is Way Up, but Good Rental Deals Can Still Be Found

April 2015

The Money is in the Follow-up

November 2014

No Equity Doesn't Mean No Deal

May 2015

Take What is Available or Wait for Something Better??

October 2014

A surprise Buyer Makes an Out-of-this-World Offer I Can't Refuse

august 2014

Better than a Wholesale Fee - Getting Paid to Buy Rentals

April 2014

Upgrading the Rental Portfolio

January 2014

No thank you, I'll pass...

February 2014


November 2013

Newest rental property acquired with very nice seller financing terms.

May 2014

Leaving Some Meat on the Bone

January 2018

How to turn 60 cents into $2,000


January 2017

Go Lower To Test the Negotiation Temperature

September 2018

Capture the Equity, Fix The Financing Later

november 2015

An Unexpected Wholesale Deal Lets Me Play Leapfrog in the Mountains

April 2017

Nothing Like Some Tax Free Income

December 2016

Partnering Up For More Profits


Wholesaling Subject To Deals

December 2018


October 2018

A Perfect Whole-tail

July 2017

Sometimes, The Deal Is All The Money You Need

December 2017

End of the Year Harvest

May 2016

Do What You Say You're Going to Do, When You Say You're Going to Do It

January 2016

Time Out!

April 2016

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Method

July 2016

Obsessive Compulsive Follow Up Disorder


Paying Referral Fees Makes For Good Business

March 2015

Red Tape Won't Stop the Deal From Going Down

February 2015

You Don't Wanna be Set Back When the Substitution Comes

January 2015

Wholesaling From Abroad

december 2014

When a Buyer Steps in to Help Solve a Problem

September 2014

It Really Is All About Who You Know

July 2014

The John Schaub Method

June 2014

It's a Double Double

March 2014

Bases Loaded and I'm Still At Bat

December 2013

Haves & Wants

deal of the month

October 2013

A nice wholesale fee just before the holidays!

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december 2015

Your Net Work Really Does Determine Your Net Worth

August 2018

Coming Soon!

May 2017

Co-Wholesaling & Referral Fees

November 2016

Interest & Equity - Building Wealth Together

June 2018

First In On Gentrification