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There is nothing like a vacation and a paid vacation is even better!

My wife and I decided to take an extended trip to Asia. She flew out at the end of December and went to Japan to visit her mom. I hung around until after the first week of January, then flew to Taipei to visit with an old friend. (He's not old per se, I just have known him for a large portion of my life.) After a few days in Taipei, I headed over to Cambodia to check out Angkor Wat. Which by the way, was as remarkable place as I've seen on this earth!

After a few days checking out the temples and sparring at their local fight club, I headed back to Bangkok to meet up with my wife. We then boarded a plane and flew to India. We've been to India 5 times before so this was nothing new for either of us. We actually have some regular foreign friends we meet up with there and spend our days telling and listening to stories at one of the popular outdoor coffee houses in a small beach community we like to hang around in.

While on this extended trip, I received an email regarding a house in south Orange County. Now, if you know anything about Orange County, you certainly know houses are not cheap there. I was definitely interested. I've made my fair share of calls to sellers from the various places in the world I find myself from time to time and I wasn't about to let this deal slip through the cracks. I called up the seller, got some key details, then emailed one of my preferred buyers. I told him I'd let him do the buyer on this deal, but he had to be sure to include a small spread for myself. He replied back 3 days later with this email:

Hope you’re having fun. I just received the agreement back from seller. I’m paying 420- no terms- house is like the San Jose deal in size- but no view, been a rental for 31 years needs everything- the neighborhood is marginal mostly because of the tenants on all sides, cars and oil stains everywhere.

I would like to give you 5K on this and a kicker at the end if I make more than 50k which is possible but unlikely because I have borrow So much.
Thanks for the deal –

So, just like that I made a quick $5,000 and a possibility of a bit more on the back side. We live in a connected world. Set yourself up to succeed. I don't think one should work on vacation, but definitely don't think a few minutes on the phone and an email or two qualifies as work. And just think of all the extra fun stuff you could do with that unexpected money! It sure did come in handy when I had to pay the credit card company for those round trip business class tickets!!