December 2016


I No Way Encourage Daisy-Chaining Deals!

What is it about these pretender wholesalers who think there is always "Another $5,000" in the deal? How can someone get an email, look at it, then forward it to their fake buyer's list, but add $5,000 to the asking price and expect to get paid? It's complete foolishness.

What I am talking about when I say co-wholesaling is partnering up with another wholesaler to move deals he/she can't move and then SPLITTING the fee, whatever fee it produces. I am currently working with a wholesaler out of L.A. on a few deals a year. Like myself, he does a lot of marketing and every once in a while one of his sellers says, "I don't want to sell that property you mailed me about, but I will sell you the one out in..." And "out in" is where I live and do business. So, he texts me the address and what he's looking to get for it. I go to work on my buyer's list looking for the right 1 or 2 buyers and send it over to them.

This strategy has produced a nice side income for my business and helped my buddy close a few extra deals he didn't have buyers for since they were out of his normal operating area. If you're just looking to get into wholesaling, maybe contact a reputable wholesaler, not me, and ask about assisting in moving any of their deals they haven't located a buyer for. It doesn't happen often in my business, but about once a year I get a tricky deal that isn't the right fit for my most frequent buyers.

What do you think about co-wholesaling? Please leave any comments below and share this post and site with those you think it may benefit.

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